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Corporate & Brand strategy


  Sales & Marketing

  Globalizing strategy

  Marketability verification







          Corporate & Brand strategy
            We develop
and execute strategic tools for the whole operation process
            such as bushiness portfolio / brand management related fashion & cosmetic
            fashion business recess. We serve from A to Z for development of fashion
            brands such as developing the new brand, bridging global brands............

      We pu
rsue the optimization of brand strategies by ensuring the
      product leadership through the competitive development of product
      concepts, merchandising portfolio, pricing strategy, so called
      MPI_STP-4P virtuous cycling methodology. Merchandising should be
      accurate on the level of SKU & size




           Sales & Marketing
              We develop and execute the sales strategy by customized marketing
              strategies and diagnosis of current sales capacity. The terms so call SKU
              assortment engineering methods by store becomes normal. However,
              it is not easy to be achieved without an abundant analysis & planning
              with the real data...........

   Globalizing strategy
    Fashion market becomes a borderless one. globalizing issues are
    indispensable to the fashion business. Bridging the gap between
    nations & markets could be effective by the right path to mach.
    MPI can be the right advisor for both global player & local leaders in
    the Korean fashion market...




Marketability Verification
Where is Demand there is Opportunity. It is the basic pre-condition to check
the market demand to evaluate the marketability of the targeted market. It is
not easy to define the target market in the mingled & converged fashion market
structure. Wild guessing is the seed of future failure...............



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