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It is said that the Korean market is a black market on the respect of data dimension.
Yes, it is so tough to acquire the real & verified industrial data for decision making
correctly in Korea. MPI is regarded as the only consulting firm to provide the customized &
available numeric data for  the fashion companies to compete in the Korean fashion market
battle fields. It is believed & proved to meet MPI is the best & most cost effective path to
get the real data.



          Korean Fashion Market profiles
            Korean domestic fashion brand market is worth over US $ 45 billion
            and the changed into the battle fields of global brands. Nobody can
            deny accurate information is indispensable to build up the available
            strategy in the challenging market...............

     Korean Fashion Company profiles
      It is very important to understand the figures of major player.
      We have & can provide the information of the Korean fashion
      companies'detailed profiles. You might identify both the financial
      highlights and the competing edges.......................




            Korean Fashion Brand profiles
               MPI has accumulated more than 3,000 brands existed in the Korean
               fashion market. We can provide every detailed performance statistics
               including the comparison index with the competitors and individual core
               competence benchmarkable...............

     Korean Fashion Company profiles
      Customer driven strategy can be made on the right reference
      of consumers. MPI can provide the demographics, lifestyle and
      purchasing behavior of the target customer in the target market.
       It is certain a wild guessing would call some irrevocable payment at all....






Fashion Company Evaluation

MPI has evaluated & published the competitiveness of
the Korean major fashion companies with
F-MPI index yearly

****Digital book KRW 50,000****




Beauty Company Evaluation

MPI has evaluated & published the competitiveness
of the Korean major fashion companies with
C-MPI index yearly

****Digital book KRW 50,000****  




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 Market index

 Market profile

 Company profile

 Brand profile

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