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Our mission is to make our clients more competitive and profitable in the fashion
industry  like a Battlefield. An impractical strategy is a mere ideal. We strive to ensure
that our clients internalize the strategies. We have developed together and organized
to put them into practice. The bottom-line is always enduring result.
MPI has the uniqueness in practicality. Sustainable growth, that is the evidence of
our deeds Our key language is not a vague essay, but a clear Number.




          MPI Value
             MPI (Marketing Perspective I
nternational) was founded in 2000 as a global
             consulting firm related to the fashion and textile business. We have piled
             up and validated our experience and knowledge in terms of the fashion and
             textile industry. Based on these abilities, we are offering a new breed of
             business integration solutions to help clients improve their performance.

     Key staffs & alumni
We have the definite policy of human resources. The best, the most
      qualified in each service field.
We are fully understandable clientsĄŻ
      expectation having value creating professionals. So, it is certain
to get
      clientsĄŻ approval of staffs.
MPI's competence as  a best consulting firm
      lies on rich resources
of professionals..........   




          Projects performed
 MPI holds expertise of fashion industry with full knowledge of vertical
             integration of fashion industry.
We are very proud of our valuable
             assets - exclusive data base of global fashion market, rich experiences,
             and excellent methodologies which are highly specialized in the fashion

     MPI Methodology
We contribute the development of competitive power of fashion
      company by client-centric
and optimized strategy development of
      fashion business with those key competence as followings ; Knowledge,
      Experience, data driven analysis, value chain networking, Integrated
      strategic approach, result oriented process improvement.




MPI Programs
MPI has developed the updated methodologies to fit to the real fields of
fashion business. We never forget a business is a business, More than often,
Fashion Business is misunderstood as it were just fashion or even arts.
We have identified the real tasks to be done in a real fashion business
management process & result. Words are just words.
A business without output is meaningless...................


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  MPI Value

  Key staffs & alumni

  Project performed

  MPI methodologies

  MPI module program