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Articles become reliable references. MPI released timely articles continuously on the major fashion magazines to lead key opinions


Market Dynamics topics

  Consumer topics

  Players topics

  Global(China) topics





MPI has released various current issues to the major fashion focused media. It is the key point
should be understood that the major opinion leadership is made by the Korean local magazine
mainly. Even though there exist many global fashion magazines, they are far from the main
stream of the leading opinions on the respect of the Korean fashion industry.
MPI is well known as a specialized & influent columns provider in the Korean fashion industry
media world




           Market Dynamics topics
              Korean fashion market is regarded as one of the most valuable test market.
              The speedy changing trend & sophisticated consumers are the key
              factors to understand the logic of the market dynamics. MPI has
              defined them and shared the current topics by publishing on the major
              fashion magazines. .............

      Consumer topics
All the changing mechanism of the fashion market is rooted in the
        consumers. It is said to understand the market means to understand the
        consumers of the market. MPI has issued various topics of consumers
        with major fashion magazines. MPI has interpreted the changing clues of
        the Koran fashion market with the very consumers issues..............




            Players topics
              There exist various major players and leading brands in the Korean fashion
               market. It is certain it is very important to figure out the strategies & results
              of them to understand the Korean fashion market. MPI has researched them &
              accumulated all the tracks including the performing index for 20 years. MPI has
              released the bench mark issues related them on the major fashion magazines.  

     Global (China) topics
       Korean fashion market has been one of the most globalized market in Asia.
       It is said that the Korean fashion market is the gate to Asia including China.
       It is very important to acquire a bridgehead or remarkable reference in the
       Korean fashion market for the emerging Asian fashion market expansion
       On the respect, MPI has advised the basic strategies related globalization
       issue to pay attention on the major fashion magazines.         




Nobody knows. Moreover, nobody cares. It is almost impossible to tell the real
from the fake to figure out the profile & dynamics of the Korean fashion market.
It seems there exists a great cartel of silence or blind to avoid finding the real facts.
Many professors & journalists in the Korean fashion market are far & far from
the real & urgent industrial issues to be responded..................




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